Photo: our beautiful trees in Johannesburg, one of the biggest man made forests in the world!

Worked my little tush off today, if you want to know anything about how to market on the internet I am becoming quite good at it, from submitting to Directories, to sffing ads via AdSense on Google. Although Steve is definitely far ahead of me when it comes to submitting and writing articles…. and bookmarking, that is his domain. So if the business doesn’t work we can at least say we learnt how to market on the internet!!

Bonus for the day was that Swimming was cancelled for the kids, gave me an extra 1 1/2 hours to get homework done and start working again….. thanks to whoever put way too many chemicals into the pool today. Another bonus, I did the most amazing workout this morning, my body is aching but I feel good about it. 20 minute hard run, followed by a few weights on the legs and the super circuit and a great stretch, managed to do a backbend and a couple of other contortionist moves…. hey Steve should we stop working now!!??