My mind is so much fresher in the morning with so many thoughts and ideas, by the evening I am faltering on my thoughts and wondering what I had envisioned to write on here during the day.
Thoughts flowed from yoga to friends to the days events……
I always come out of yoga feeling so much calmer having sweated (yes sweated believe it or not) and used my muscles to there full extent. People who don’t do yoga tend to think that it is an easy class of stretching and meditating. They could not be further from the truth if they tried. Yes, you do get more flexible within your body as you do yoga, but this takes years. The thing about yoga is using the mind to control the body and the body’s strength. You try do a backbend at age 40 and see how well your body copes. I have seen big burly men in the class unable to push themselves up to do a backbend, because their arms are not strong enough. How about a head stand, where most peoples arms just cannot hold them….. very interesting I thought.
Today was even more so, today we did the class blind folded. Try stand on your two feet with a blind fold on (not just close your eyes, because you still get a feel of light…. no with a blind fold on, that takes away any peep of light or orientation). Then not just standing, try make a T with your body, so one leg on the ground (the I of the T), then the top of the T is your head on one side and your other leg on the other side (your hip must be parallel to the ground and your arms outstretched above your head facing the wall – blind fold still on) and balance for just a few seconds (is the sweat poring off you yet?) Now do poses similar to that one for an hour. Good luck!!! This is the 3rd eye chakra that you are working with (the 6th of the 7 that we have) the one that is used to allow us to meditate, to move beyond having to use our eyes to see, the one that allows our minds to be filled with nothingness, (no I cannot do that either – thoughts always filter in), the one we all find very hard to use.
I left feeling quietened by life, by the knowledge that I have eyes with which to see… I then climbed on the treadmill and pumped out 4 kms in 20 minutes (quite fast for me)…. to rid myself of the frustration that you feel not being able to balance as well as you thought you would be able to, that frustration where you think why do I need my eyes to balance, why can I not just concentrate hard enough to do as well as I do it with my eyes open….
The knowledge that we are so human, that we need so much to be human, that there is so much more to life, to quietening life down for oneself, to enjoying the here and now and the who….
Try it… try some yoga sometime and let me know how it feels.