I would like you to all meet my running partner….. SWAT….. it was quite an eye opener for me today on my run. Mainly because I actually ran with my eyes open today, usually I am looking round only for strange people who may accost me (which has happened before – so not just paranoia here) and then watching the beauty of the trees, dam, park etc etc around me.

Today I looked at my surroundings with my eyes wide open, I found a security car on every road that I ran on, they were either stopped or driving up and down – never noticed that before (usually there is 1 around in totality)…maybe because I usually run in the mornings and perhaps the security guys are rushing to help people that have been attacked (who knows), then on every street I ran down, there were at least 2 to 5 houses for sale…. people are definitely not happy with the crime rate as it is…. It was just so interesting to watch…. included in all of this negative feel that I was experiencing, there was this positive feeling with loads of people in the park, walking their dogs, people going to the mosque or just chilling in their gardens…….so just overall a weird feeling where people are trying to live normal lives and just not sure about where is safe enough to raise a family or live and be safe enough to live a normal life…. time will only tell.

Very few people exercising which is usual for a Sunday afternoon – I just reckoned it was either a run or a glass of wine which would result in it being a bottle on chill, so a run was a better option.