So roll on the last of the school holidays. As much as we love them, believe me there comes a time when the holidays are just too long and you vaguely remember the days when you could just do whatever the hell you wanted to without having to think about the children all the time. Don’t get me wrong, we love them dearly and could possibly never contemplate life without children, but I do think that some miserable person somewhere with no children decided just how long to make the school holidays to make parents more gray and more senile……just so that parentless people could appear more sane than those with children!!!
OK, now that the darlings are almost asleep, after coming through a couple of times to complain about the sibling irritating them or about still being hungry….we can now have a bit of peace, be it short.

So today we went about 1 1/2 hours out of Johannesburg to a dam called Buffelspoort to spend the last couple of days water skiing and just relaxing. Steve decided to take the kids canoeing and the local dog joined them in the dam. Hopefully tomorrow will be hot sunny day and we can spend it on the dam.
Quote for the day: We asked the kids what email was and Sean’s (7) answer was: it is the message you leave when no one answers their phone. Then we asked what Voicemail was and his reply was that it is the message that you hear when no one answers their phone ie this is Denise I am not available right now please leave a message……terribly cute.
Good night everyone