Today I feel this huge need to discuss how I cannot do without technology. I cannot go through a day without using some form of it, be it to email, sms, facebook or now to blog… everyone like me or are we just a strange little group of geeky geeks!!
Although I suppose our business is technology based so I usually am on the computer whether I like it or not. However, I know people who just screw up their faces and never use any technology (ok maybe their cell phones) but that is about as far as it goes and then I know 70 years olds who use it every day, and cannot go without it either. It is like a drug, a big joint that you cannot help taking a drag of and feel fantastic afterwards. Strange yes, a drug definitely, live without it…..never!
On to the photo, both our kids water ski’ed today, Sean has before, but he hasn’t for a while, so it was great to see him up again and Jess went on the ski’s for the very first time today. We are both so proud of her, at 5 the dam can look rather big and scarey, but she was up there and couldn’t get enough…… Watch out the pros.
So as I sign off tonight to head onto facebook and sms a couple of pals, have a great Birthday my big sis Lesley, 42 and going strong. Definitely partying harder than I ever could now and will at 42. Happy Birthday!!!