Last night we had the most amazing electric storm with the longest rolling thunder I have heard in a long time. My night remained sleepless when the kids decided to sleep downstairs, I spent most of the night with my ears twitching to make sure they were ok and not calling for us. They were fab, and slept through to sunrise and then some!!!

Sunday’s should always be like today, ok minus the housework…role on tomorrow when Betty comes home.
Our day started with a run in the morning and Steve took Sean for a cycle in the park, we then spent the day with the kids swimming and lazing in the sun.
During the afternoon we had another afternoon storm and the Sean decided to dress up as Harry Potter to bide away the time. He was really sweet finding school clothes, a black cape and one of my paint brushes as his wand oh and don’t forget the tie!! Only his glasses were missing.
He does look rather sweet though.
Right now I am exhausted and my eyes are about to fall out!