Another busy year and a very late update to my blog!!
Sean moved into his final stint of IGCSE’s, and wrote his mock exams in November.  He completed the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Certificate and started on silver in September.  For bronze he helped children at Oryx School with PE and music lessons for his charity work, their walk was an initial 20km walk and then a final 40km walk as a group on their own in the desert, for the creative aspect – he learned how to play the guitar and finally a sport – boxing. Between studying, DoE and body building he was very busy throughout the year. 
Jessica went on her skiing trip to Italy and had a lovely time, she made new friends and learned new skills.  She had her palette repaired again in June by one of the top US plastic surgeons – Dr Mitch Stotland.  What a process, she was initially booked in 6 months earlier and because there were no beds available she did not have the procedure, so we were then added to the next operating schedule. Luckily this all came together and she had two procedures, the first to called velopharyngeal dysfunction surgery and second to extend her chin (Osseous genioplasty) – they did this by cutting a piece of the bone of the chin and moved it forward, securing it with screws.  
If you go here and here you can see what they did.