One of those years, where updating anything just feels like extra work.  However, recently Jess has been reading all my past blog posts and her friends have followed suit and I realised that it is important to keep updating, else we do forget!

So here is 2016 in a photo nutshell


We spent New Years with friends here in Doha . . .

    Jess went on her first overseas trip with her class to Sharjan, UAE. She had the best time ever.

I went on a Trip to Sharjan UAE as well but with the Year 6’s from Compass International School – these are some of the activities I did while I was there.


Tennis in Doha, never a boring moment


Jessica’s teeth transformation


Rain in Qatar


Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – Movie Night


Meeting Dr Robert Thirsk – NASA

Protaras Cyprus – 25th Wedding Anniversary


Gymnastics Competition – Jessica

Parlotones visit Doha woohoo

July and August

I left Compass and moved to Oryx International School – another career adventure

Summer Holiday

Our amazing trip to the UK – London, Cornwall, Brighton and Dover
Meeting up with old friends and family – Kelly McManus, Scott and Silvia; Aretti, Paul and James; Alison and Sian Williams and of course Amelia 🙂
Visiting amazing places, from all the sites in London – Lords Cricket Grounds, London Eye, Maddame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Central London, Natural History, Science and Victoria and Albert Museums, Anniversary Games at Millennium Stadium where we also went on the longest slide :), Cycled through East London, saw Wicked at the Apollo Theatre, visited and cycled through Oxford, and stayed near Hampton Court.  We traveled through to see Kelly, Scott and Silvia and Aretti, Paul and James, all who live just outside of London.
We then travelled to Cornwall staying close to Crackington Haven, we met up with Shirley and Adrian and spent a lovely time exploring the area with them, from Tintagel to the Eden Project. Loved seeing my family and spending my birthday with my Sis 🙂
We then went on Brighton where we spent a lovely time with Alison, Sian and the boys and experienced the Pride Parade, staying right on the beach front area.  Jess spent her birthday in her favourite city, where she wants to live one day…
Finally traveling through to Dover, where Sean spent a night with a friend in Hastings.
We said a sad goodbye after a three week adventure.


Lords Cricket Grounds


The cows outside the window where we stayed, came to say hello every morning.

Hampton Court


Jess’ one birthday present, before we left

Oxford on wheels

Buckingham Palace



Hampton Court Palace

London Eye

Outside Harrods

Hampton Court

Aretti, Paul and James

London Eye

Buckingham Palace

The longest slide

Computer symposium



Buckingham Palace

Anniversary Games


Natural History Museum

London Eye

Maddame Tussauds

Cycling London

Brighton Pier


My beautiful sister Shirley


Eden Project

Love you guys – Shirley and Adrian

14th Birthday

i360 British Airways Needle

Sean surfing – eek

Dover Beach

Eden Project

Crakington Haven – celebrating

Eden Project


The cutest boys ever


Where did the boy go, a young man now!


Dinner at Leo’s with her Mom 🙂

Dinner with friends at Leonie’s


Lunch with Mark, Nathalie, Adnan, Sara, Traci and Cesar with all the kiddies
Cycling in the desert
Steve and Phil


Family holiday in South Africa