We have just spent two weeks in heaven.

The trip to Paphos was as always long and tedious, with the kids in good spirits dealing with delays with humour and the excitement that only children feel when they are readying to impart on another adventure.

Once we walked into our apartments though, the feeling of calm excitement filled the air and we couldn’t wait to open up and air everything out. The wonderful Martin and his lovely wife Brenda, had already made our beds and organized the furniture outside, so all we had to do was a quick unpack, find something to knock together to eat, open a beer and relax outside as the sun set over the Med. Lathering in the last rays with a glorious view in front of us while smacking down into a toasted cheese and ham, life was just perfect at that moment!

Games and more games
A strangely angry Meditarranean

And that is how the rest of our holiday rolled out. With the kids getting on the best they ever have on a holiday and giggles rumbling from their side of the apartment were apparent every morning. We played games as often as possible, from Go Fish, 21’s, Hangman, Backgammon or 30 Seconds and watched movies every evening.

Eating copious amounts of pork in every form that you could find it in was part of our agenda – Bacon, Pork chops, Ribs, Streaky chop bacon and an entire gammon was consumed 🙂 I am smiling in remembrance to all the little porkers cooked and BBQ’ed, with lips smacking! Cyprus has the scrummiest pork I have ever ever eaten!

Not to let us down, my friend Maria and her wonderful husband Harry, with beautiful daughters Georgie, Alex and Amelia, ensured we continued our mission, with chunks of pork skewered on the BBQ wrapped in Pita breads with oven baked chips, salad and tzajiki. Then the Greek Easter feast a week later, with scrumptious lamb (to break the fast), roast potatoes, fabulous salads, skewered liver roll, melt in the mouth pork lasagne, just to name a few of the dishes on the table.  We ate the whole afternoon, drank, laughed, chatted away and easter egg hunted, and even though over eaten we still managed desert. Whoever can resist all the Greek deserts especially over easter, is a saint!
YES, we ate and we ATE like KINGS!

Easter Eggs found!
Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs


My gorgeous friend Maria

We did manage to roll ourselves out of the apartment to do a bit of site seeing including Aphrodite’s Birthplace, Corral Bay and partook in the an Authentic Cypriot Easter Service.

Easter Service

And on rainy days we spent time in the new entertainment mall, letting the kids play games while we sipped cocktails and caught up with friends, which we were allowed to do only after we played lazer tag with the kids. Which was so much fun, I can understand now how shooting games are so popular!
Sean shot like a sharp shooter and made liver chops out of the rest of us, although Steve was pretty close on his tail!

Yes, the dot is Sean!
Special time with Dad….

The Troodos Mountains is always at the top of our agenda and we trooped up there again this year, with Sean Snowboarding, me packing my ski’s away this year and tobogganing with Steve and Jess and taking a short hike up to the military base and weather station. It was a fantastic walk and we realized towards the top that we could see the ski slope and watched as Sean continued to snow board during the afternoon. He loved every moment, even though he started with a few mishaps, falling off the ski-lift a couple of times before managing to hang on.  We all had a good chuckle about how he had fallen and been dragged up the slope, but only later in the day, at the time IT WAS NOT FUNNY! Steve and I had to stifle our giggles at the time, seeing the spectacle that he created, not that we could have done it any better, if anything worse would have been our mission!

Cycle to the airport

Steve and I also did a good couple of cycles and loved loved loved the moments between farmlands, wheat fields, flowers, trees and the blue sparkling colours of the Mediterranean Sea to keep us company. Interspersed with a couple of walks in the beautiful countryside.
Aphrodite’s Rock

To say it was one of our most relaxing holidays would be an understatement, we just didn’t do as much running around as we always do. Which is what it is supposed to be all about, isn’t it!