To say we have headed straight back into cycling would be a lie. The cycling we new was on a tar road, admittedly falling would have been a lot harder, distances were longer and much much smoother. BUT more fun, definitely not. Road bikes were left behind in SA, mountain bikes bought about 2 months ago now and off road biking life began.  This past weekend was in all probability the best cycle yet, my throat is raw from laughing, my arms have muscles hurting in the crick of the elbow area, my back hasn’t worked this hard since water skiing and well the nether regions are certainly toughening up.

MUD was replaced by sand and dust this week, with Qatar having a few rain storms it made our pending cycle on Saturday morning an adventure of note.

Simaisma – Al Khor Wet Flats Ride

In the car park getting ready to head off
Not too bad, just a few puddles
Then our first stuck in the mud experience

Hmmm pushing was tough with the back wheel not turning!

Our leader Ian having a good laugh, Annabelle pushing like mad in the back!

We thought we were home free!
Turned our backs into the 20 knot and picking up pace wind,
dry stretch ahead and then…..

More of this….
And this ….
And this ….
Steve happy he is through it all!
We certainly weren’t stick in the muds, had to laugh at it all!

The friends, laughs and view in the end was worth the mud and strain!