I am late, it does not matter how hard I try I am always LATE. As a general rule now I consider it fashionable and consider it lucky to get anywhere at all. I put it down to my birth, I was late being born, a late walker, a late talker, a late bloomer, I even had my kids later on in life and even they were late, born well passed their due dates. I put it all down to genetics!

Mom and Dad with their troop of Grandkids
minus 2

My point is, that it is the new year and with January 1 comes New Year Resolutions….mine were to slow my life down, to take time to organize and be prepared for everything, to relax more and lastly to update my personal blog more frequently….as you can see I am late!

Fashionably late I will fill you in on January in February and so forth for the rest of the year. Just in case you didn’t get that I will always be late. So before I go enthralling you all with January, let me tell you of our emotionally roller coasted December (this was meant to be posted in January oops!!). Fashionable fashionable is ringing in my ears….

We arrived in Cape Town in the early hours of the morning, after what seemed like an endless trip. We were all completely exhausted but with that overwhelming shot of adrenalin you feel when you first arrive on holiday, we were raring to go!

Driving into Cape Town made all those memories of the beauty it exudes come rushing back, the greenest of every shade of green scattered with all the rainbow colors of flowers. Capetonians were to be found in organized bunches either running, cycling, breakfasting, surfing or  chilling and of course there was “The Mountain”. The feelings were overwhelming and we were home!

Cape Town was abuzz with holiday makers, in 2 days we spent time exploring like true tourists. We took a cruise in the harbor, went to the magnificent Aquarium, explored Table Mountain and Cape Point, walked in the Tokai Forests and went to see Phantom of the Opera. We were also lucky enough to share drinks with two old friends from school and I bumped into an old work colleague having dinner in Hout Bay while watching the sunset.

Table Mountain

Leaving Cape Town we did another two day stop in Oudtshoorn which is renowned for its ostrich farms and the Cango Caves. The whole family climbed the full route of the caves which was rather hair raising in parts with tight squeezes, black holes and stalagmites and tites protruding into caverns once inhabited by local bushmen. We proceeded to spend time recuperating at a lovely wine farm in the area before proceeding to the animal sanctuary to see the white lion cubs, cheetahs, crocs and birdlife.  I loved the Gumtree Guesthouse where the owner, a local and international recreational food critic could tell us what to eat and where, all the way along the Garden Route 🙂 a pleasure indeed!

My wonderful family

The Garden Route (which I highly recommend as being one of the most beautiful places in the world) took us down the long winding road to Jeffreys Bay where we made the most of our time with the family, from surfing to lazy lunches, dinners and evening drinks, and a night of fun with Eddie and The Bats at the wonderful local arty Potters Place. The kids enjoyed the time with their cousins and a visit from Father Christmas  highlighted the Christmas break with presents to spoil and some to giggle about.  My folks loved having their four daughters and almost all their families to share this special time.

Goodbyes were tougher this time, knowing that Mom is so ill and hoping that Hellos will come soon again in July.

I could write pages on what we did and so wish that the holiday lasted more than just two weeks, being with family, sharing special laughs and times together was priceless!

So I am running late again….one blog down two to go

What were your New Year Resolutions and have you kept them?