The new school year has started off remarkably slowly.  I was quite pleased with my organizational skills before we left on holiday, the board was marked with all the activities for the new school year. We all new what was happening and who was doing what. (Yes, I know we still had not included the school’s after school activities, but how hectic could those be, right?)  School uniforms had been bought, cleaned, marked and stored.  Rooms tidied. And we were raring to go when we got back from 2 months of rest.

Jess started her new school with zest and vigor, loving the system, people and activities.  “Just like St Teresa’s back at home Mom.”
Sean rushes home to complete his homework before my shoes can be kicked off.

So the term began.

4 weeks into the school year, the list of after school activities have grown.
We hit the floor running in the morning and our legs are still going as we lay our heads to rest in the evening.

Sundays and Mondays are spent (for me anyway) rushing from one thing to the next, Choir for Sean while Jess does Indoor Athletics (they finish 15 minutes apart) so I race from the one school to other to collect them.  God forbid that there are any delays between them.
Running / driving we hit home dropping one off, while feeding and running with the other.
30 minutes later Sean is sitting at his extra lessons and 20 minutes after his lessons are completed Jess is at gymnastics.  They are not all in the same place, so yes we do some pretty low flying to get everyone everywhere on time.  It is an interesting day.  Finished off with a gym session to cleanse my head to begin the evening routine…..Dull is not what I would call my life!

Monday is pretty much a similar experience, with things simmering to playdates by Thursday, huge sighs of relief and a glass of wine to end the week off.  The kids are both so so so happy with where they are right now, every now and then there is a high or hitch in the road. The highs are what make everything special in our lives and those are things we have to hold onto and celebrate.

Steve is working at understanding programming and html, while he had a problem with his right hip at the beginning of September he has been told that with physio, special exercises and no running at the moment, he can look forward to hitting the road again a few months from now.

Sean after stumbling on his music ambitions is back in the throughs of practicing, studying and programming his lego robots. So between music (piano and violin), choir and gymnastics he is keeping busy. He also has two fantastic trips to look forward to this coming school year, one of which he will be going on in 2 weeks from now to the UAE. The first trip that he will be going on 1) without us and 2) out of the country on his passport!!  Yes, I am extremely nervous…..
We also celebrated Sean turning double 1’s and he spent the day building all his lego presents and programming his robots. He opted for a little party of two friends with go-karting, arcading and lots and lots of pizza throughout the week. Lotsa fun.

Jessica is flourishing, she loves her new school, new teacher and new classmates!! She tried to get onto Student Council and missed out by 1 vote, her presentation was awesome and she received a special certificate for all her efforts (the only one who put together a ppt presentation). She has opted for choir, gymnastics and indoor athletics and is a rather busy little girl and loves loves loves to do work, any work that has home in front of it. I love this age when they are still so interested in schoolwork, may it last the year!

As for me, I have started working at ictQATAR as a writer and consultant and am loving it.  Yes, I have to exercise the brain again and it has been interesting to work with adults again and not just children and homework 🙂  The conversations are vastly different and I laugh at how at times I cannot verbalise my thoughts properly as I am so used to speaking to my children in basic language or being on my own writing blogs in my study.  I am loving it and am learning so much. I remember why I loved working in corporates now!

First visit to Katara Theatre to watch QPO
  Another Stork party with friends