Cliched as it may sound, Jeffreys Bay beach days were spent singing on the sand as the 3 of us walked on the waters edge arm in arm. It felt a little like The Sound of Music with basket in hand and children running, cart wheeling, splashing in the water and then running back to twist their arms back in mine or hold my hand tightly. Singing ABBA and our favorite Piano Man song, giggling as we chorused past strangers walking and fishing who glimpsed smiles at this crazy bunch of holiday makers skipping along.  Lightened by our days on the beach made our stay the best part of our trip back home.
It certainly is one of the places on earth that lightens my soul and allows me to know that my parents are in beauty, that their days are filled with sunshine, sea, smiles, and happiness.  
That days are fun and life is worth living every day with joy and love and laughter. 
That grandchildren and grandparents are the greatest two generations to see laughter and happiness blossom together.  Which is why Moms and Dads are so important.
That cousins are the best friends that can come together, even when you live miles apart, and will be friends forever…..just like my 3 wonderful sisters, no matter how many years and miles that may pass!
That brothers and sisters make the world go round for each other and are each others best friends.
That our friends from the past will be our friends in our future too 🙂 Yes all my favorite monkey friends out there, I miss you all!  That going back to our new homes we will always find new monkeys to play with :))
That coming home to Dad after a long month apart, is the best part of the holiday ever….
Who best to look up at those stars with and dream?