A very busy week, which it has been mostly since I got back from SA.
This week was about going to the SA Embassy to get Sean’s Unabridged Certificate sorted out, and the property at the Vaal sold. But it was good to meet the people there and get to know what they can help out with in the future.
Then I applied for a job at the school and went for my interview on Wednesday and got the position, with the option of studying next Sept for a year to become a fully fledged teacher, yet another career…..what fun!
Sean got over his gastro, Steve got it, then me, then Jess…..at least that is over.
Parent’s evening at the school, gave us insight into where the kids are at the moment in their schooling and also that we need to put Sean back onto meds. He has been on for 2 days now and what a difference, a good decision and Sean definitely will benefit from it.
Also went to the Psych department to get Sean’s meds and figured out the ins and outs of how they deal with ADD and other issues….very interesting but will keep that to myself for the moment.
Last but definitely not least, Dad had another birthday….Happy Birthday DAD…love you lots and lots and send loads of hearts and kisses…..