Well quite an eventful day!!!
Sean stayed at home from school due to having gastro since Friday night, the puking and pooping was something to behold and the crying and moaning even more so….girls are definitely tougher!
We had quite a nice morning together though and he seemed to be much more relaxed after being so sick for 2 days.
On fetching Jessica, I decided to try my luck and asked whether there were any Assistant Teacher jobs available. Apparently there is and I spoke to the owner Susan to find out more. She is very keen and I am going to drop my CV off with her tomorrow for further discussions. We spoke about my becoming a Trainee teacher and we will look into that next year September when the new intake occurs. In the meantime I will in all probability start helping out at the school towards the end of this week. Yay, a new job and a new career, I am so looking forward to it and it will allow me to make new friends and get out of the apartment at last.
Then we went to the WTA Finals, what a match….Venus is something to behold and is a phenomenal player. Mom / Dad you would have loved every minute of it. It is such a lovely time to visit Doha, not too hot or to cold. I am definitely going to see how much it will cost to try and get you over for next year and if we can sneak you in somehow. This place is something to behold in its entirety and the tennis was unbelievable, I wish we had managed to go to more games. The kids loved it and were so good, you would have been proud. We may have some tennis players on our hands!!