19 October – I got to see Mags and find out how everything is going, Les and Paul had organised to see Jimmy and Elaine, Charlie, Tracy, Nicky and her family, so we had a wonderful Dennison braai which was fantastic….Paul always knows how to do the prawns and meat just perfectly. It was also wonderful to see the crowd as we had not seen them for over 2 years. Magdel also joined us and stayed until 10pm that night, it was great to catch up and hear all the going ons.

20 October – Saw Jess and I at the hospital at 6:30am, getting her registered only by 7:30am and up to the ward at 8:00, she however went in for her op by 8:45 and was out by 9:00. She did her usual Jess thing, woke up, ate, drank and wanted to leave. As Lauren was not at home, she wanted to do something else, so I took her shopping for a new wardrobe…she was in her element. What can I say, girls definitely know how to do it right!
Prof Friedland, said that the doctors here are barbaric and she should never have had to have those injections, the culture results did not show that she needed the antibiotic injected into her and it was unnecessary. All I can say is that I am so happy that I brought her home.

The rest of the week was spent visiting Aline, which was very very therapeutic and wonderful to have my friend with me nearly every day to chat to!!
Shopping, shopping and shopping and then trying to fit visits to doctors for Jess and seeing Friends for both of us.
We visited Betty and got to see Brad, Popped in to see Julie and surprised her as well with being there…..she couldn’t believe that we were there (she saw Jess and thought she was seeing things), got to go to dinner with the Wine club and see Craige and how he was doing after his accident (very well, but still in pain, his movement is limited with the steel rods in his back and the fusion of the vertabrae, but everyone said how much better he was doing and looking)!!! Got to spend a morning with Debs while she did my hair, it was fun catching up. Shopped like a demon though, everything here is so expensive that I bought Steve, Sean and Jess complete new wardrobes, a timex gps running watch for Steve, Xmas presents for everyone and got all the vitamins, omegas and disprin to last for 6 months enough until we come back to visit!!!