So after much waiting and smsing to Steven re the car, we got an automatic to see us through the week. Then off we went to get some rest, on the way Les phoned to say that they wanted to go shopping for Lunch on Sunday, Aline was not at home , so we went through to Debs and Dave who were on their way out too….oh dear….we chatted to Debs and Dave for a short time then went back to Aline as Les and Paul were not home yet.
On reaching Aline’s house (she did not know we were coming), we buzzed and told her it was a delivery from DHL in my most afrikaans voice I could muster in English. I could hear she was suspicious, she came walking down the driveway and stopped short when she saw Jessica standing at the gate. Then she saw me and just stood there, it was quite funny to see the shock and disbelief on her face and then just happiness that we were there. It was so nice to be back in SA and to see my best friend again and to just chat and chat and chat……
After a long visit, I went to Les and we unpacked and settled in. It was also so wonderful to see both my sisters again and to chat to Les. I realise how close we are even though we are so far away from each other and how much I miss those sisterly chats.
Needless to say my day was not over yet and we then went to Ashley’s 18th Birthday Dinner at Rodizios, Ashley looked beautiful and so grown up, it was hard to believe that this grown up girl was 7 months old at our wedding. The dinner was so much fun to chat and dance and be part of the whole party…..
That night I fell into bed exhausted at about 2am, it was a long day, but one filled with emotion