We climbed to the top of the villa, lasted about 15 minutes in the heat and had to come back down again – we were so red in the face it was frightening.
The building with the “orange” strips down the sides is the apartment block we are looking at moving into – between the 11 to 28th floor – a bit scarey!!
The “gold” building is the one where Steven will work in – 8th floor

life here has become rather hectic with the kids still at home and not being able to spend much time outside, the temperature was up to 55′ midday and 48′ at about 4:30pm…. no relief from the heat other than indoors; washing, ironing, cleaning and cooking (really makes me appreciate Betty so much more than I used to); and I have been working on the website too, so all in all quite busy.

Steve and I have started to try and get fit again and he is cycling, running and swimming every day now and I have started weight training every 2nd day and running 10km every other day. so hopefully we will get fitter and loose some weight as time goes by….

We have officially put the application in to move from the villa to the apartment in the inner city, so hold thumbs. If it does come through, we may be moving, have the container arrive, Steve move to his new office block in the city and the kids starting school. Never baby steps here, always giant steps!! But we are looking forward to all of them, especially the container arriving, it is going to feel like Christmas.

Otherwise, the Olympics has overtaken our lives, especially since the athletics has started! Steve wants to be in the London Stadium in 2012 when the Mens marathon finishes, lets hope!

Unfortunately that is all the news….a bit boring but once the olympics are over, we will start exploring out of the city….first stop is to go out into the dunes and then to do some karting…