Photo: Old City (Souqs) and the New City

Happy 70th Birthday Mom, have been thinking of you all day and hope you had a wonderful wonderful day!!! Love you loads!!

Happy woman’s day too, all my gorgeous friend ladies who read my blog!

We went to visit the Souqs today and it is just my cup of tea!! Loads of market type shops with loads of different things to look at and buy. Loads of beautiful, rich and colourful throughs, material and dresses. Spices and incense coming from all directions, with food sizzling and perfume wafting out of the shops, it was an experience of the sense and one I thoroughly enjoyed, even in the heat.

The kids found some wonderful toys and spent their pocket money very quickly, will they ever learn to save? and then went on a donkey ride. We later took, Elaine, Randal and Dan back to Alseal as the sun was setting and it was a rather beautiful sight.

We have been toying with moving for about 1o days now and have at last decided to make the request. From being completely sure that we should not move, to deciding that in the long run it would be much better overall. So the application goes in tomorrow and we will see if we get to move, so hold thumbs for us that it comes through. It will make life easier; Steve can walk to work (only 1 car required!!), school is closer with the option of getting the kids into the top school in Doha which is down the road if we want to move them, there are loads of South Africans in the block, a beauty salon, hair salon, and a gym with a trainer. The Four Seasons is also about 500 meters away and we can get a membership there to use the beach with access to water sports and then their is the Corniche, which is a walkway where you can run and the kids can cycle or scooter. And last but not least the Shopping centre is about 200 metres away, where the kids can ice skate, ten pin bowl, go to movies and every shop you can imagine is there…… lets hope it all falls into place.

that is all from me now – all up to date at last!!