Photos’ – Jessica Birthday, cake from Avic (Hannah’s mom) and the humidity here is unbelievable – the beautiful mist in the picture is from me walking outside and the humnidity getting onto my camera

ok, so it has been a while, but time here seems to go by very very quickly with all the housework, home schooling, and basic settling in.

Jessica had a fabulous birthday and loved all the phone calls, and most of all more presents she received from us and people in the compound. She has made fast friends with Hannah an 11 year old girl that lives here from Singapore. They are a lovely family and everytime I go to visit or get Hannah to come and play they smother me with food, which is wonderful but not good on the hips.

Steve has settled into work, not as strategic as he is used to but at least he has time with the family now, which sometimes (I think) drives him a bit insane!!