My birthday….what a special treat and very very spoilt .

I woke up to Steve, Sean and Jess, singing Happy Birthday to me and then spoiling me rotten with some beautiful presents, I got a Ring from Sean with a Topaz stone and 4 little diamonds set in leaves, Jess got me a locally made gold / sliver necklace and bracelet and Steve bought me some Face creams from Chanel, very very spoilt. The kids then let me sleep in and bought me some breakfast, how sweet is that. When I got up, we went to gym and to swim and after a quick shower and settling down, I got a phone call from Aline. Such a special treat, we spoke for about 45 minutes, and it was so great to get a phone call from my very special friend. And to talk for so long, and that was the first in a couple of calls I got during the day!
Avic from Number 13, then popped in to say hello and brought me a cake which she quickly baked, how sweet is that. Steve then picked me up and took me to the Diplomatic Club to have my Facial and Massage, by the end of that I was very relaxed and chilled out. While I was waiting for Steve to arrive, Brenda phoned and we also had a lovely long chat. She was almost broken in to and I am so very very happy that nothing serious happened!!! Bren thanks for the lovely call, it was wonderful to talk to you!!! Steve and the kids arrived about 1/2 hour after my treatments in the new car and we had a quick look at it! While sitting trying to figure out what button was for what, Joanne gave me a call and we landed up chatting for ages as well and just as that call ended, Debbie phoned too….and I chatted to her, Robs and Ashley….what a special special treat for me to speak to so many of my wonderful friends.
WE then went to dinner with Randal, Elaine and Daniel at the club and it was another special treat – gosh loads of specials and treats in this blog!!!
We enjoyed the dinner immensely, on the way home from Dinner Magsie phoned and once again it was so nice to hear from home and another special friend…
A great day in all….and 6 more sleeps for Jess!