Photos: Images from the roof of our villa

Overall we are settling in, we cannot wait for the furniture and other amenities to arrive, so we can vacume and just do normal cleaning and have our pots and pans and plastic and linen, just the basics!!! We are also going to get the car tomorrow as
Steve has his Residence Permit now which is great, the bank account is set up, so just the furniture needs to arrive.

We have made some friends in the compound and the kids at least have a little one to play with. Little being 10, we are hoping to find some more friends for them!!
Today was very dusty, apparently when the winds blow from Kuwait we get dust storms and it is very fine dust that settles in everywhere. The cats are not too impressed with it, but it feels a bit like the Free State, so feel at home.
We also have a house cleaner who started yesterday, so the hard cleaning can at least be done by a professional and not a skimp like me. He is going to come twice a week and do the basics, which is great!!! I will do the washing, cooking and basic cleaning. Washing is quite a joke and hopefully will not cost too much with all the mistakes I am making – evening separating the clothes properly I am managing to change there colour, how black can black get….watch this space!!! hahah

I found out today that one of my old friends from school lost his girlfriend in a paragliding accident. It made me realise how fragile life is and how we must live for the moment, for the second and enjoy everything that comes our way. be it the good, bad, difficult, happy or sad. Embrace life….Remember not to sweat the small stuff and just to enjoy!!! It made me remember how we fought for Jessica, how fragile her life was and how close it came to her little life not being here. How everyone helped and how lucky we were overall to have such a little bundle of joy come into our lives. How she is happy about everything in life and will laugh at just about anything. How she has made our lives a joy and how much she brings to us all. How perfect Sean is and how lucky we were to have had him, our perfect little boy!! And now our perfect little girl. Enjoy everything in your lives my family and friends……and take nothing for granted!!!