Photos: Inner City of Doha

I have been off line for a while, due to lack of internet connectivity and it has taken a while to get it fixed here, but I am back.
We visited some friends in the inner city on Friday and had a braai on the balcony, a very different lifestyle to where we are, but very convenient. We considered moving there for the convenience and had quite a task to decide whether to do it or not. The lifestyle would be more confined to indoors and we eventually decided that we wanted the kids to be able to jump on their bikes and scooters and do their own thing, so we are staying where we are. We are also more outdoor people anyway, so as convenient as it would be to stay in the inner city, it would not be the same.
Inner city would mean, Steve could walk to work, I would have all the conveniences of gym, hair and beauty salon in the flat complex and the beach would be down the road, but no outside area for the kids to just be kids…… we can always drive to the beach, but for the kids just to jump on their bikes would be another story!