View from Magoebaskloof hotel

Day 1 – Magoebaskloof, Limpopo Region

Off on holiday we go, the trip was quite far but with the 2 screens and DVD player in the back it makes the journey a lot shorter and easier to contend with. The kids take turns in watching their DVDs which means that while the one watches the other one is happy to read or chat to us and then they swop around again. The best part of the whole experience is that it keeps fighting down to a minimum.

It took approximately 4 hours to get there, once we reached the area just past Polokwane (old Pietersburg) the scenary became unbelievably beautiful. As we travelled through the forests it began to rain and the mist coming up from the forest and road made the whole trip feel surreal. It was incredibly majestic.

On arriving at the hotel the kids were so excited about being in a hotel that they didn’t want to do anything else, other than go up to the room and stand on the balcony with the binocs and take the whole view in….