Photo – kids on holiday

Busy busy day, fetched Aline from the garage where she took her car in for a service.
Then to Yoga, then to Ron to hand in my tax form, back to drop Aline at home, my home, shower, check emails and website, back to Sandton to pick up Sean from school, home, dropped Sean off at Cameron, then off to Jessica’s school to fetch her and her friend Jade, to the Spar for milk, back home…. did some work, Meeting with Craig, then off to have a leg wax, fetch Sean, chat to Les and home again. you have to understand we live about 20 minutes from Sean’s school and 10 from Jessica’s on a good traffic day, so it was just a day of travelling in the car, trying to dodge the load shedding areas (no electricity no robots)….. Positive sentiment, I have a car!!!
Still need to pack…. off to Magoeboeskloof in the moring, then to the Kruger National Park and then to the Graskop area…. yay for holidays!!!
So I will only blog again on 22 April but with lots of photos, happy holidays everyone….