Electricity blackout for us last night, so I could not do an update!! boohoo.

I must say on a positive note, the blackouts have been great for the family, we played boggle after dinner last night and it was rather fun. Also a great excuse to open a bottle of wine and chill. They have definitely brought back a sense of family togetherness. We did not rush to get the kids to bed so that we could carry on working on our PC’s. Don’t get me wrong we did work, but on paper and discussions, once the kids were all tucked up.

I managed a 9 km run in the morning which I was very proud of as my back and sciatic area are still injured, but I will persevere and eventually run a 21km race again!!!

Kids had a great day back at gymnastics and Sean is very keen to get his homework over and done with as quickly as possible now….hurray!