The Ben Ten wrist band that Sean is working towards! Pretty Cool!

Sean is working like a little trojan at the moment… he received his 18th merit certificate today which means 2 more and he goes on stage to be presented with his 2nd good merit certificate for the term. We are very proud, he also got 18/20 for his maths test and 17/20 for his spelling test (2 of his most hated things to do at school – his friday tests!)

Jess received a raving review from her teacher at the feedback this afternoon, so we are two very proud parents today.

It is amazing with all the difficulties that they have both experienced in their short little lives, they are blossoming into two incredibly positive, self motivated and easy children (for the moment). When I see some of our friends with their kids, I know we have a very special group of friends and family with really great kids – so I suppose when you are surrounded by great people, friends and family your own kids can only turn out great as well! I like that word for today – GREAT!

All in all it was a positive day, starting with my karate lesson in the morning – more of a self defense class, but we have started with the basics of karate to get the techniques right then we will do all the self defence moves.

Steve and I then had a meeting with a new developer which looks a 150% better than the guys we are using. And as I write that, the developers we are using for the website, have actually at last finished the list we gave them to do from December last year…. thank goodness.

The new developer has a lot more to offer though, so we are still going ahead with re-developing the website, to include a lot more options and better backend security and flexibility.

Steve also started consulting again, and the work is once again flowing in. So things are looking up for us again. The developer today emphasised that it takes between 12 – 18 months to see a real revenue line, so we have to be patient… not a good personality trait of either of us.