The Diva to outdo all Divas

The Celine Dion concert, it better not rain and it didn’t!
She was fantastic, what a performance from an absolute Diva of note. She was friendly and is a complete entertainer and what a body for someone older than the Xtina’s, Britneys and blah blah young crowd – she outdoes them by far!
On a sad note, the organisers did a dismal job of finding a decent venue (there was no athmosphere and you could see that Celine Dion was battling to get the crowd to participate, I could not even hear my husband clapping next to me), some people were left standing with no chairs in sight for them for the duration of the show and when paying R1 000 a ticket you would expect to at least sit in a theatre, not on a piece of ground that looked like a building site, with gravel becoming part of your shoes, plastic seats that were tied together and set together so closely that you could feel the knees of the poor guy hunched up behind you and in the hopes that it was not going to rain so that you would not be covered in mud by the time you stampeded with the rest of the crowd for cover (with the promise from the organisers that if it did rain, you would not be refunded your money)…… Shame on you 94.7, Mr Price and Monte Casino for such an embarrasing venue!