My morning was pleasant and relaxing, finishing my latest painting..

what do you do about someone who doesn’t think past their own noses….

My son battles to express himself and is very straight forward, so when he wants something he’ll say what he wants and expects people to listen and respond.

what happened: well he was playing with his sister and cousins and his sister would not give him his hockey ball after asking for it (she can be extremely hard headed), in his frustration he told her that he did not like her. His cousin then took the hockey ball and told him to apologies, which he did. But she then would not give him the hockey ball and held it above her head so that he could not reach it. Frustrated, he started to cry and ran away to hide. His Dad then went to find out what was going on and Sean told him the story. Sean’s cousins Dad then asked her what had happened and she related a different story. So who is right….

The next day I asked his sister what had happened and she told me the exact story that he had told me, so why would she lie? Sean then went ahead and tried to tell his cousins Mom, she completed ignored him and told him that if he had his ball what was the problem. The whole issue is frustrating because she is the one that continuously goes on about how difficult a child he is, how he has tantrums, he never listens, etc etc, but is unable to take the time to listen to a little boy of 7 who is trying to learn to express himself, to figure out right from wrong, to learn to communicate with adults and to not be seen as difficult……

what to do!!!??