What a wonderful weekend, we took a lazy walk down the road to the Blanket Factory shop and then lazily went to breakfast. Sean was adamant that we went back into town so that he could fix the tracker at the restaurant, so we sat there for a while and Steve and I did a To do List for the next 3 months, to get things on the road. Then as we were leaving I saw a Frans Groenwald calendar in the restaurant and with great excitement asked the owner where she has bought it. To my amazement there were loads of them in the art gallery next door. This was definitely my find for the weekend. I bought a Birthday and 2008 Calendar, if you have never seen his art before, it is fantastic….. It has some really good play on words and a painting to go with it e.g. 3 blind mice drinking red wine at a bar and the punch line is “the blind tasting”…..

I love it, but most exciting is i want to copy the technique of the art: Watch this space.

We also managed to take some lovely photos which I am going to try and translate to canvas.