So our first day in Clarens was spent walking around the little town and exploring all the nooks and crannies. It has grown from a 5 shop little town, to at least a 50 shop still a little town. Very precious little art galleries with some wonderful South African art and home industries from making cherry jams and chutneys to wooden furniture and throws.

After spending the morning exploring, we chilled in the afternoon at the hotel and then went exploring into Golden Gate. It is a wonderfully beautiful part of the country, with golden mountains and cliffs that any climber would love to scale……

Our evening was very entertaining, I met some cyclists at the pool earlier and bumped into them that evening at dinner. They were in the process of fining their team mates which essentially meant that they had to down drinks for any misdemeanours and there were many. It was very interesting to watch, the evening progressed with our kids meeting their kids and being over joyed that they had mates to play with and Sean was introduced to the wonderful pub game of pool by the older boys. He is hooked!!!

Needless to say the evening became very entertaining and was a lot of fun. In amongst the group of cyclists, we met a couple who are friends with friends of ours – it is a small world – 6 degrees of separation…..

what a fabulous day….