So today started a lot better, up we got at 5:45am to start a new year of school.

Sean was ever so excited and was up, dressed, breakfast’ed, teeth brushed, face washed, you get the picture and ready to go by 6:15am…..never in the history of school going so far has he been so keen, oh make the rest of the year so easy please!
Jess was ready to go to gym with me and off to school we went.
Sean was delighted to see his Grade 1 teacher from last year and all his friends, but a little apprehensive as to where he needed to go and where to put his bag, etc. When I fetched him from school in the afternoon, he was a happy little fellow. He loves his new Grade 2 teacher, his best friend is in his class this year (yay) and overall he is just happy.
We stopped in at Jessica’s school and she was so happy to see her teacher and school. I think she is missing it all and cannot wait to go back on Monday. So today was spent just enjoying being back at school for Sean, listening to his stories of the first day, swimming, preparing the extra-mural activities for the term (they are vast this term – Swimming, gymnastics, cricket, chess, tennis and horse riding) and just chilling out a bit.
Photo is of Sean, Jessica and Betty, who was as shocked as I was when she walked in at 6:30 and found them both ready and raring to go.