I wonder sometimes how people after knowing each other for so many years can still not really know each other OR if people just dance around each other and tread lightly so as not to disturb the equilibrium, equilibrium of what??? I am still trying to figure that one out. Is it of your own happiness, that of others, or of the universe. I am saying all of this as I have this unbelievably complicated family who all believe their point of views are correct…a bit like Brothers and Sisters….but with an ongoing feeling that a happy equilibrium will never be met. Maybe it is enough to say, we are siblings and if you need us we are there for you, but you know what we don’t have to be best friends because we are just too different. I feel like I am babbling, but it feels like a never ending noose around ones neck and if you give too much of yourself the noose gets tighter and if you don’t it gets even more, so where is the medium and the equilibrium that you need to reach in life. Is it by just not getting involved and letting life pass you by, or by getting involved and being hurt (because that is invariably what happens), or by making your immediate family your biggest priority and skrew the rest…..

Anyone out there want to give some advice?

All my life I have wanted the kind of relationship where you can just talk the biggest load of rubbish to your sisters, to be able to laugh at mistakes, to forgive mistakes, to love unconditionally, and to be able to laugh at each other with each other about anything. Somehow in this life, I don’t think it is going to happen.

So after all of that sob story, down to my photos:
Kids last day of holiday – Jess is doing a bit of building and goes back on the 21st, while Sean started off with Occupational Therapy and goes back tomorrow. Check the vacant stare in his eyes!!!