Still cleaning up and Steve is still sick. It is like treble amount of work when there is only one of you trying to do it and a sick body trying to help. Poor Steve though is trying so hard to get better, it is such a bugger on your body when you get gastro and this one is like every nerve in your body is sick, even your fingertips are sore.

Steve had to relate his version of getting sick on the trip home, as in when we stopped for lunch and just how bad his “chucking” was at the pit stop!!! Ok, so I won’t go into detail as it is too revolting….

So what is the pic on the side about. Jess found goggles and flippers in one of the plastic containers we store things in, but they were Sean’s. So as a treat we decided to go and find a set for her…. Eventually after doing the monthly shopping and sorting out Birthday presents for the flock of people who are born in January (why oh why can people not time having kids at a better time of year is beyond me)!! We found Jess her little set to go snorkeling in the pool with. All in all it was a good day, a bit too much housekeeping for my liking but a cool day to do it in.