The excitement yesterday was palpable in the household, singing and dancing were rife and the ticking of the clock towards the sixth day of August 2013 was imminent.

Waking up at 5:30am we all shuffled into a room with a little girl with shiny bright eyes, waiting in anticipation for her birthday to begin and what a birthday it has been!

Our little girl is becoming the most amazing young lady, she opened all the little gifts we had bought her, nothing over the top was on her bed and certainly not something she could “balance” on, which was the clue we had given her about her gift. She was excited about everything that she opened, mostly about her slippers that she received from her Granddad and never mentioned that the “balance” gift was not there.

We all trundled downstairs after the gifts had been opened and she stopped halfway down, and there in front of her was the bicycle. Her eyes grew wide, mouth dropped open and with a little squeal and an “Oh my goodness” she couldn’t wait to get on and ride.  This little chicky is just beautiful inside and out.

We love her for her tenacity, perseverance, determination, intelligence, friendliness, loving nature,  joking personality and stubbornness, cheekiness, spunk and fight (yes all those to).

Her best statement for the day has been: “Mom you will be 33 years older than me from today.” Got to love her thinking, as yesterday I was 34 years older than her 🙂 And dammit remind me that I am 44…..say no more all the 4’s!

 Then I loved that at 3pm, she said: “I am now officially 11!!”

Dance, sing, love and laugh like no one is watching my love, and as if everyone is joining in!

*Happy 11th birthday Jessica Elizabeth Mary McManus*