Do you remember those days leading up to your birthday when you were younger? I do…..

There is that thrill of excitement that fills the air, that little bit of electricity when you know that the day is all about YOU. No one else is as important as you are and it is the one day when everything seems to just be right in your life.

Sean has been idly opening cupboard doors and looking under beds. Asking questions about how big, what colour, is it mechanical, does it have wheels, is it in the house (mainly because he hasn’t found it), and every meal has been a bombardment of funny statements about his coming of age…….. and how he is sure his voice is breaking 🙂

We are still trying to figure out where 12 figures into the “coming of age” according to Sean, why he would think that his voice is breaking and where exactly 13 teen comes into the equation, isn’t the TEEN years more the coming of age?

There is very little advice that I can dispense upon my child, who thinks he knows it all and will do so until he is about 30, when the age old realization comes that he still has “So much more to learn about life,” perhaps it will come earlier, we can only hope.

I do love this little boy of ours though. He brings rays of sunshine into our lives, whether it is with his witty 11 year old jokes (soon to be 12), that have him and Jess rolling in stitches and us rolling our eyes because it would invariably have something to do with farting, bums or other embarrassing body parts. He has the most amazing way of talking to people of any age, of capturing their attention and holding them there with his long tales of life. When he decides to do something he does it with conviction and gives it 100% of his attention. He is loyal, trusting, motivated, musical, dramatic, inspirational, clever and hard working.

He is the the little boy that I always wanted and will always be my baby.

This is Sean over the years……. our gorgeous boy!  Ummm just a few pics 🙂



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