A fabulous blogger contacted me via Xpatulator.com and I started exploring her site below to see what we could do together….

So for the last two days I have been engrossed in Rachel who describes herself as such:

My name is Rachel Yates, and I would like to pretend that I am a relocation expert. I’m not.   I am a so-called “Trailing Spouse”, who gave up my own career as a lecturer to relocate my life, my family and my dog on my partner’s first international assignment to Kenya, supposedly for a year. Ten years and three continents later, we are now in San Francisco, and it’s time to re-establish my own identity.

And after hours of reading…..

I. love. her.

Her blogs are exactly my temperament, her witty anecdotes — my humour 🙂

Defining Moves, her informative site covers “Relocation Basics” – including Step by Step advice, Timelines, Relocation Checklists, Your New Home, Your Family, The Paperwork and sooooo much more.

“In The Know” which covers inspirations and information on your next steps and the part that I love the most “The Trailing Spouse”, with all the survival tips you may need for your transition – need I say more.

Take a look, hang on tight and be inspired.


Oh and I love the caricatures 🙂