I was a graphic designer once, well I worked in a graphic design centre and liked to call myself a graphic designer. I was young, we worked on photoshop, Corel Draw and the likes. We did basic designs for posters, presentations, pamphlets, you know the usual stuff.  I moved on to multimedia and then managed the area, which I far preferred, although I still did the work, 12 – 18 hour days with lots of panicky, abrasive and not so nice clients. I hated it.

Eventually I became a project manager and worked with designers but I never touched the graphic packages again. I worked with technology, with satellites, bandwidth and interactive tv channels. I loved it!

That is when my relationship with my applemac came to an abrupt end.  I did get my husband to buy one of those fancy round apples before I left work, in the pretense that I would continue to do photos and movies on it.  It never really surfaced.

Now years later after turning my back on “the” apple, I am sitting on the MacBook Pro that hubby discarded after trying very stoically to figure out the packages and functionality of this advanced system (bought on my urging as the best laptop in the world to own).  I am slowly realizing that over the years I have lost contact with just how powerful this little piece of equipment can be.  Actually, more like my knowledge of what it can do and how to do it all is rakish, hmm a bit like my body.

I have been sitting for days burning my photos to CD…. Not DVD, CD….. seriously. I was contemplating committing myself to an institution for a few weeks, with the time it was taking. How could we possibly have advanced with technology so quickly and the saving “burning” process still took so long.  700MB CD storage, 4,7GB DVD Storage. Need I say more.  My gray hair was turning grayer as the CD’s were burning so so slowy. I don’t actually think the MacBook new what the hell had hit it either!  I never was good at archiving.

Now after 2008 and 2009 taking me 5 days to archive, I have managed half of 2011 in 1 hour.  I want to go back to school, just to learn to look, read, listen and learn again.  Talk about being young enough to still learn and dum enough not to realize that the stupid thing can actually do what you want it to do in 1/10th of the time.  If you just figure out how to do it in the first place!

Time to relook my knowledge and move forward!  Dammit, do you know how much I could have been doing in all that wasted time. I hate wasting time.

Watch this space…..not too long though, else you will be wasting time 🙂

Stop laughing now and go back to work!