Definitely not a dull time to be had in Qatar for these two months, we were kept on our toes dancing between sport events, school events and social events…..

Brilliant start to the year with a tennis final between my two favs Federer and Nadal, over the moon that Federer won!


We then got to watch the Asian Cup Soccer Finals between Australia and Japan, we supported OZ

Jess and Sean began their stint at the Qatar Music Academy with their teachers Ay and Ozgar on piano and Islam and Georges below on violin.  Sean went on to complete his 5 month course, with piano and violin recitals and a final concert in June. Being taught by some of the best musicians in the world, who perform in the orchestras who perform in Vienna and Berlin during this music festival season.
Jess decided that this was not for her and has continued with her gymnastics instead.

Islam                            Ozgar
I was invited to teach some creative landscape painting to the Year 4’s at the school an had a ball with paint all over my hands, clothes and face. The kids were fantastic and some made some unbelievable landscapes. The below are the 3 that I did for the 3 classes
We started the month of Feb off with a half term break to Cyprus for a week for some much needed fun 😛
Steve and Jess taboganing
 Sean and Me learning to Ski
Great friends, Great food, Great wine and Great dancing
       Hiking the Akamas Peninsula
The one thing about winter in Qatar is you are never bored, there is sport sport and more sport for these few months before the heat hits us…..
 Steve and Jess getting an autograph from Vera Zvonareva who won the tournament
Vera Zvonareva and Caroline Wozniacki with the trophy & Sean and Jessica with theirs 🙂
No guessing who the boys were routing for and who gets to sit in the VIP Box
We do other things than just go on holidays and watch sport though … lol
We managed to go to a Golf Dinner for Charity
Get the kids to dance together
And took the kids to the Museum (we were not allowed to take photos inside) so these are them outside
Fotini, Sean, Jess and Christina (Helen and John’s girls)
and that was the end of February, I will give you a break before starting March and April, although I don’t think they were as hectic.  I just said to Steven how we certainly do a lot living in Qatar!