Mortified is my word for this week …..

Walking not so confidently on the treadmill this morning, I sadly reminisced over how I used to shoot along at between 5:00 – 6:00 mins/km depending on how I felt(alrighty stop chuckling, I know that isn’t exactly lightening speed but it was for me). Now I am walking, pumping my arms vigorously to try and keep up with the pace of 9 mins/km šŸ˜¦ puffing my way along. Then I have to chuckle as I think of the times I would be streaking along and glance with a smirk at the slow coach next to me. Thinking to that person “let go of the bar and you will get more out of your workout”, well now I am that person holding onto the bar as I hit the uphills.

On a positive note, going at a slower pace has allowed my mind to wonder over many topics. In the past my mind would be calculating my next breadth, the pace I was going at and if I would make 4km’s in 20 minutes if I just pushed my legs that little bit harder. Hmmm, I am liking the new improved, I can breath and speak while walking moments. So perhaps not so mortified about this new experience…..

However, my body took another knock this week…. from a pinched nerve last year between my 4th – 5th vertebrae and months of physio and chiro treatment and a much improved back on my return to Doha, I now find myself back in the position of back and neck ache with numbing feelings down my left arm and leg. I started weights again last week and to my detriment have once again injured this sorry body of mine.
Mortified over this, definitely…. so back to the physio I go with light walking and stretching as my only exercise, I need the sweat and burn to feel normal. This does not make me happy.

Finally, mortified over a night of debauched drinking…. resulting in my body not liking me the day after. After a week of restrained eating, healthy drinking and exercising, I completely and utterly annihilated my body into a heaping mass of wine riddled, hungover induced rubble. Now wonder my body is rioting against me…

Funny the two together for a laugh!

I think I should just curl up and hibernate for a while and be kind, gentle and allow it to recover. Us 40 year olds don’t have the option of destroying our bodies any more and expecting them to recover over night and be ready for another debauched day within 12 hours… no no people, once you hit that 40 mark you have to be gentle, else your age will show, the cellulite will grow more orangey and your body will NOT forgive you so easily anymore. Although, I can happily say that Steve was definitely much much worse off than I was …. I say that with that smirk on my face again, but wait until I hit his age … I can hear him swearing at me now!!

This is what life should be about!

Welcome to a Happy and Healthy 2011, may all your resolutions be kept for the year and your bodies not disown you by 2012.