The new gem in the Arabian Gulf is a world of music and culture. Sean and Jess have been invited to audition to be some of the first students to participate in a free 6 month course at the academy, before it opens its’ doors in September 2011 as a fully functional Academic and Music School.
The Qatar Foundation has created an environment of learning for the people living within Qatar, this includes Education, Science and Research and Community Development.
Here is the link to the school: Qatar Music Academy
The school is described by Dr. Abdul Ghafour Al Heeti Acting Dean, Qatar Music Academy as such : QMA is a ground-breaking institution that will produce professional musicians in both classical Arabic and Western music. It aims to be the leader in various fields of music including teaching, orchestra performance, musicology and Inshad (religious singing).

The academic programme of QMA has been developed to provide a comprehensive education that will enable students to eventually join universities of their choice. QMA will work with students and parents alike to ensure the successful development of a musically conscious culture in a modern society, as part of the Qatar Foundation-led renaissance in the country.