This is priceless, Sean’s first attempt at writing an essay – it is very much in the vain of “The Lightning Thief” but what the heck he has adapted it to fit into his own fantasy world.

Steve and I loved the spelling of some words – specifically Suck seed (succeed) and worrier (warrior) …. enjoy and have a giggle like we did! Gotta love kids!
and so we have :
King of the Forgotten Worriers (this is his cover)

referenced from X-Men 3 Archangel

King of the Forgotten Warriors (here he got it right 🙂

Once upon a time there was a 17 teen year old boy called James it was his 18 birthday. On that very night after his birthday something amazing happed he was just about to go to sleep when something began to glow.

There was a flash of light. Something suddenly appeared out of nowhere there in the center of his room stood a man dressed like a roman. He suddenly said, “Come with me son.” “Who…… who are you” said James. “I am your father said the man”. “You have turned eighteen you must come with me to the land of the forgotten and become king”. “For I will soon die and you must be king.” Suddenly in a flash of light they were gone. They arrived in a strange city then James felt a streaming pain down his back then it vanished. He felt strangely driest James realized that he had two wings on his back and was dressed like a roman he was then shown the castle and his bedroom.

2 YEARS LATER!. One day the now 20 year old prince went for a flight (with his wings of course) then the royal messenger came and said, “sire for your father is just about to die he would like to say something to you.” The prince flew back to the palace as fast as he could. The King lay in his bed. He said “Son I will die soon. You are now to be crowned King. You must gain the trust of the people and the land. You must take all the best soldiers. I wish you good luck.” Then the King died.

The people are all devastated. The next day, the Prince was crowned King. Two days after the new King was crowned he set out to find Hade’s and his secret army. As soon as the king was ready he set out. Soon he found the entrance. Along the journey all the solders died he was to battle alone once he got inside Hade’s was waiting for him along with his army. The army charged at the king. The king took out his sword and shield and charged, he fought with all his strength, he fought for 2 day’s straight he new he would have to give up some time. He would never give up, as he was angry at Hade’s who had killed his mother and made her suffer a long and painful death after nine days of fighting he had killed all of the evil ghost soldiers and soon was battling Hade’s. “I will kill you for what you did to my mother” said James. “So be it you will never suck seed” said Hade’s they fought four hours on end before it ended

Hade’s died with a sword in his skull and died instantly. (THREE MONTHS later) THEY REATERNED HOLDING Hade’s head in his hand’s the people were shocked they all bowed down for they new the god’s, Zeus’s and president would make him mortal for ever and James would be remembered for ever.

The end

By Sean McManus