A trip to London for a few days without the kids, it was a rather nerve wracking trip for us (me), but our friends in Doha looked after the kids like gems. From Traci looking after the kids while they were in school, Michela fetching and carrying from school, Helen and Abu looking after Jess and Sean on the weekend, we were well covered and have to say thanks all over again. We were really blessed for the support and love they bestowed on the kids and the break they gave us from our regular routine. London was marvelous and I enjoyed exploring on my own, from Oxford and Regent Streets, Hamleys toy shop, West End, Harrods, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, Notting hill and just walking in the green parks, I loved every moment. I also caught up with some friends from school days, who I had not seen for 20 years, scary figure that!! It was fun!