Photo: View from our Apartment and the first day of school

Yes, we have been offline for a very long time, but in case anyone is wondering it is because we moved from our villa to the apartment and it takes this long to get back online. ok I got back online 3 days ago, but who’s counting!!

it has been a hectic move just the small little amount we have here, so I am dreading the container arriving now. I have a feeling we will have boxes piled up high for a good couple of weeks as i make my way through them all and unpack. 40 foot container, omg what were we thinking, we should have left half of it behind.
During this move I have realised how little “things” mean in the greater scheme of life. IF I did it all over again, I would bring only that which had sentemental value like photos and perhaps a few pieces of furniture and books. But everything else could just as well have remained behind. None of it actually means anything! They are just things which can be replaced so easily. Family on the other hand and people, friends cannot. That is what i miss the most, my family and friends. I have a little electronic picture frame (kindly given to us by the company) which Sean initially downloaded pictures onto and let scroll through and some days I find myself looking at it for a good 10 minutes reminiscing on places we went to, people we did things with, and just fun times. Then I miss everyone terribly. My memories will not be replaced that easily!!

So those are my thoughts, what have we been doing other than moving house (again)
Well Sean and Jess started at their new school and loved it. It is very small, with 1 class per year (grades are years here, figured that out today. Sean’s
class posters were similar to the ones at St Davids, so I reckon Year 2 is Grade 2 ) and I think Jess is going to be just fine. There are 10 kids in Jess’ class and 16 in Seans. So nice and small, with 1 teacher and 2 assistants in both classes. What more could we possibly want!

The teachers were both impressed with the kids and told me how polite they were and how they tidied up after themselves (and others), I was like – are you sure those were my kids, point them out to me please….lol Although isn’t that what all parents want to hear about their children!

They are both very independant and are now keen to walk into school on their own, I am not ready for that, so we will wait a bit (I think!!)

The move!! Has been a bit of an emotional rocky one, but we are in at last. Moving into the new place and having a stomach bug at the same time was a bit hectic. We are now unpacked properly from this move and are waiting on the container to be delivered (it is in the port somewhere!!)

Cleaning is easier, a lot less dust as every thing is sealed shut tightly, and maintenance is a breeze, (you go to the front desk, let them know what is wrong and they fix it that day, what a win!!) The view is beautiful, just skyscrapers
everywhere and slight views of the sea, but the trip to school is along the “esplanade” and just beautiful. So I think I am much happier than what we all were.

Jessica’s ears are infected again, she has an unussual infection (similar to the one at Steve’s 40th) and the medication is similar, she has to have the antibiotic injected into her arm. We have now done 2 injections and I think she has screamt blue murder so loudly in the ER rooms that the staff didn’t quite know what to do. Actually it is worse this time than when she was 18 months old. I feel more emotionally attached to her now, she can tell me how she is feeling and how sore it is. I would be lying if I said I did not sob my heart out when she was little, because I did, it was probably the worst part of all the operations and treatments she ever had to endure (Those injections into her neck), but I am sobbing now too. She is so very brave and still so very little, and I just feel it is so unfair, she has been through so much already in her short little life!
Enough sadness from me I promise!

Ramadan started yesterday, which means no eating in front of any Muslims (all eating and drinking from 6am to 6pm is behind closed doors for Westerners). They go without any food or drink (which I think is mad) for those 12 hours…bloody crazy. The kids can eat and drink thank goodness. Else it would be even crazier. I feel so sorry for the labourers that work outside, in this heat you need to be drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water 18 would be better and they are expected not to even drink water, total madness.

I have been reading up on the Muslim Faith and Ramadan and it is all very interesting, but more on that in another blog!
Time to go….. hope this has filled everyone’s curiosity on what the Macs are up to in the M.E. …. lol

Love you all and miss you all tons….