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Today, unfortunately has not been great! Jess woke up with ear infection which does not bode well, we spent from 12pm until 3pm at the hospital, what a delightful experience.
You get a ticket to go to reception, when your number is called, approx. 15 minute wait, you go and sort out the admin with them (only to hear that the Rasgas HR had not put us in the system blah blah blah – so we told them that we would just come back tomorrow, you know her ears could just wait – a bit of salcasm there, and that got a bit of action – of course we will help you, we cannot turn you away, blah blah blah), then we got another ticket which allows you to see the doctor, so you sit for another 30 minutes to wait to see the oke, then the appoitment begins….I suppose we usually wait that amount of time for the normal doc. We got copious amounts of medicine for her, they are very thorough

Anyway, Jess needed a swab, so we took that to the lab to be done….they would not swab, so back to the doctor for him to do that (surprisingly he had no idea how to do a swab, which makes me think that as a man he expects the nurse to do that type of work) and then back to the lab.,….hahaha quite a joke….

Then we chatted to the doc about Sean and ritalin and got a referal to go to the psych hospital for an appointment to see a Neurologist, but before we can do that we need to register on the Government / state medical system and then make the appointment….so watch this space! Much fun was had by all….!

2nd bit of bad news is that they declined us for the move, Steve is so pissed off that we are fighting like cat and dog today!!! Not nice. So he has lodged a formal complaint and said that I am packing my bags to go back home as I cannot drive 3hours a day with huge building trucks on the road that almost wipe you out, to take the kids to school every day and that I am very very very very etc etc unhappy. So watch this space. It may make our stay here a lot shorter than expected. @#ck, it is crazy, else we will have to move schools, the only problem is that this school caters for learning problems whereas the other schools are not interested. So what is more important….the kids of course. It is just crazy that they will aslo spend so much time on the road having to get to school and back. Double whammy is that the promised bus to take Steve into work every day is not happening. I am feeling a lot of promises and very little action from the this company. I so hate it when a company promises things to get you to work for them and then don’t come to the party. LIES LIES LIES!!!! not a good start in my records…..
But we live and learn, we most certainly will not be shedding any blood for them, Steve will do his 7-3 work and come home, bugger working overtime or giving more than what is expected. It is a give and take game, so if you are not prepared to give then you cannot expect to receive anything back.
We are too old, ugly and wise to give a shit anymore about giving our drop of blood to any company anymore without them giving something back…..they are not going to be at our funerals!!! Bitter I am today, yes. (Yoda)