Photos: School (we think), view of the beach from Inter-Continental, Melting buildings, view of city the of the Carlton-Ritz

Spent the weekend trying to find the kids school, then off to look for a Health club with beach facilities. We think we found the kids school, but not 100% sure, need to check with the secretary.

Then we looked at the Inter-Continental health club, but it seems far too young with at least 50 single people lazing about in the swimming pool and me not sure where all the drinks were landing up!!!! Also felt like a bit of a pick up joint.

So off we went to look at “The Pearl” construction. The place is enormous and very elite. Stopped at the Carlton-Ritz and saw a Lamborghini and porches, with the bay filled with unbelievable yachts and cruise boats – all privately owned…..
Then off to look at the Diplomatic club, another Health Club in the area and we loved it, so we have found our health club, gym, hair salon, beauty salon, access to beach and water sports!!!

Saturday was spent doing a bit of shopping and meeting up with Elaine and Randal, the kids all went to Jungle Zone and had a blast, it is an indoor play area for kids with rides – even a little roller coaster, so loads of fun for them. Then we watched the rugby which was sad!!!!

Sunday, was back to cleaning, homework and gym – normal week day. Met a Philline lady who also gyms, so that is nice to have someone to chat to while gyming (every 2nd day for her). She is also battling with the transition and lack of being able to get around and out!!! I suppose we will get there. Debs phone and we had a lovely chat, it made me miss home terribly and I had a good old blubber!