Photo: Steve ironing, hopefully we will get a part timemaid in to do the ironing soon, Mom thanks for never teaching me how to iron!!!

Cleaning began again this morning as I finished off the bits and pieces that were still not clean, like the doors and skirtings and floors (vacume, sweep, then mop). I finished at about 3pm and when Steve got home we went for a swim with the kids. It was great to get out and I promised the kids that would be the last of the marathon cleaning days.

While at the pool, Steve chatte to the care taker and he is going to organise us a maid for 1 day a week to clean and iron. Yay for small mercies, I think I can cope with the cooking and daily cleaning. At least then I can do other work and concentrate on getting the kids back into a routine and a bit of homework each day.

Oh we also found out that the school’s new premises are bloody miles away from where we live, welcome back to spending my days driving or alternatively if the school bus system is good enough I will allow the kids to go on the bus to school. They will need to get to school by 6:45 – how awful is that!!!! god forbid – we are not going to cope getting up at 4:45 every morning!!!! To bed early for us all every night. The problem is that everyone here seems to be night owls and go shopping, restauranting, etc after work and get to bed late. It is amazing how quickly time goes here, before you know it is 10:30 pm and you know you have to be up at 4:45 – shit!!!

Anyway, of to bed for me!