Move day. Everything was packed and as usual we had to wait around for the driver to collect us from the hotel. With 5 huge suitcases, 3 hand luggage cases, 3 computers, new toys and another bag or two we needed a bakkie to fetch and deliver. The funniest thing was that the driver left before us and we got there before him. But as I am laughing about how quick Steve’s driving is becoming he tells me that the Driver is only a driver and has gone to collect guys to help him off load. Strues bob the guy pitches with 2 helpers to help off load. Talk about a person for every job, it is like India!!!

So we hit the villa with a vengence and boy oh boy was it filthy. The cleaners that were meant to clean up missed a spot or a hundred and we spent until 1am the next morning just cleaning upstairs, the bathrooms and 2 cupboards in the kitchen. Is lazy a word here I wonder!!??

Least to say I was not amused, it took me until Wednesday afternoon to finish all the cleaning up.

Steve and I fell into bed that night exhausted, I lay with eyes wide open though trying to figure out where I was going to put our stuff when the container arrived. The place is not enormous Like I thought it would be and the cupboard space is limited to the 3 upstairs bedroom and the kitchen. Where or where to put everything I wonder…..