Photo: A typical compound complex

Friday and Saturday were spent shopping our little hearts out.
Steve bought a LG flat screen tv, which is super and will be mounted on the lounge wall.
Sean got himself a PSP – yes we relented, everyone has one here and to be the kid out is just not cool. Jess got a Gameboy, which she is very chuffed about, it is more a baby game player, but fun none the less!
Then we looked at furniture and decided to buy a coffee table which we will eventually move upstairs, but will use it downstairs as a small table (it has 4 chairs that fit under it) until we get a lounge suite and the dining table arrives.
We are battling to find a decent lounge suite though,the furniture is very cheap and breakable, so it is going to take a while. We really don’t have to buy very much – lounge suite, linen cupboard, some dining room table chairs and that is about it!
Just have to wait for the container to arrive…..

On Saturday we did the household shopping, it took the entire day. We bought from ironing boards to sugar and cleaning material…..we were exhausted!!!