Everything seems to be going by in a bit of a blur and I keep remembering things that I need to write down before I forget so here goes:

Jessica to Dad – “Dad where has all your hair on your head gone….” it was almost as though it was the first time she had ever noticed that Steve had gone bald!!

Both the kids are showing slight signs of anxiety, Jess is climbing into bed with me every night. She has not done this for a while and I think it is her way of needing to know that everything is going to be ok!
Sean is showing it by over exagerating on the bullying that is happening at school, I do believe that he is being bullied, but not as severely as he says he is. He said that one of the boys tried to strangle him yesterday and after much chatting and getting the school involved, I think the boys were play pretending as they had been shown an example (grabbing someone by the throat) as what not to do to other boys, just before it happened to Sean. So Sean being the sensitive little boy that he is and also the one that gets picked on the most by the bullies, he was an easy target for the boys to practice this new means of bullying on. The headmistress said she realises it was a bad example…..idiot!